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Automatic Transmission Repair of Valley Transmission in El Cajon, CA

Automatic Transmission Repair

If you dread hearing you have a major problem with your torque converter, come to Valley Transmission in El Cajon for torque converter repair.

When you come to use for transmission repair or torque converter repair, you are in good hands with our team of transmission specialists. If you are concerned about how much a torque converter repair service will cost, we will run a diagnostic test to find the best solution, then report your transmission repair cost options.

The Best Torque Converter Repair In The Area

Not sure what a torque converter is? A torque converter is found on an automatic transmission.
It is a tub of fluid attached to the engine’s flywheel that acts like an adjustable vise when spinning. The torque converter pushes fluid up into the tub to create pressure, and it passes the spinning energy from the engine to the transmission. Because a torque converter’s job is so critical, it is important to replace a broken or worn out torque converter with one that perfectly matches the needs of the engine. The result of a torque converter repair done right is an engine that operates at a higher performance level and a transmission that has extended life.

We stand by our transmission repair, and if the transmission repair problem doesn’t resolve itself, we will fix it again until it works.

Your Trusted Torque Converter Repair Shop

When your vehicle requires torque converter repair or transmission repair from transmission specialists in El Cajon, call us at (619) 447-4353. Make sure to mention our online coupon to save $20.00 off your next normal transmission service. Valley Transmission is conveniently located at 1158 N. 2nd Street in El Cajon, CA 92021. If you have special questions regarding torque converter repair or general transmission repair services, ask for Greg Boehm, the owner of Valley Transmission. Our entire team of transmission specialists look forward to serving you!

At Valley Transmission of El Cajon, CA, our team offers transmission repair services to any type of automobile you can imagine.

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