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Here’s what some of our El Cajon, CA customers are saying about us:

First time there for a rebuild. My best friend recommended them. After they started I asked the dealership how much it was for a rebuilt tranny and if having it done was worth it. They said it would be cheaper and more reliable to have it done at a good shop. The price they quoted at the dealership was way more than valley. Furthermore Paul the guy at the front desk informed me of other problems that may occur with a factory oem tranny, and told me that they were going to replace those parts as well even though it was not included in the rebuild. Paul is gregarious and has a passion for his work. He walked me through every step of the way and even helped to keep the price within my budget. The tranny was done ahead of schedule, which was awesome. I will be referring all my friends and family there. These guys know their stuff. Well worth it. Thank you team valley

Damian Seebold Valley Transmission Customer Reviews

4 Stars!

Ted Judi Ki Google Reviews

The Best.

Sighl End Google Reviews

Transmission service guaranteed. They take care of people.

Matt Moermond Google Reviews

Wanted to say thanks for all that you did for us. You made a huge difference in out first trip with our '56 Chevy. Your insight and experience was greatly appreciated. We highly recommend your services.

Denise Kelly Google Reviews

You are my number one recommendation to anyone I know who needs help with their transmission. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me and it has been a pleasure to work with you throughout this process.

Lois Barrett Google Reviews

I have nothing but kind words to say about Valley Transmission and Paul and the work you guys performed here on my car. It was a long road full of bumps along the way but you all made it as painless as possible, which was not an easy feat. You always took the time to explain everything to me and kept me in the loop every step of the way. The customer service I received here was unparalleled and I would bring back my car here time and time again. Thank you!!!

Jason Becker Google Reviews

I was very impressed with the service you have done on my PT Cruiser with this repair and other work. It is gratifying to find a company that stands behind their work and maintains the warranty promises made. I was surprised that even after the considerable time that had passed since the clutch was previously replaced, you honored your warranty.

Grover Lucas Google Reviews

I have referred your transmission business to a couple of friends and my son. They all have been extremely satisfied with the work you did for them and the fair prices you charged. You guys keep on doing an amazing job.

Kimberly Lee Google Reviews

You are very professional when you explain the time requirements and what the procedure will be to make the required repairs. Thank you for the excellent service.

Mary Jane Weiss Google Reviews

They have ALWAYS treated us kindly and with RESPECT, professional,GOT us back up on the road. You guys are the best!!

Debra Nelson Google Reviews

I would like thank for your outstanding work on my and for putting me at ease when i was stressing out about replacing my transmission not only did you ease my mind you always helped me get financed so i could afford it. I am 100% satisfied with my rebuilt transmission. I will highly recommend you to all my friends and co workers. Thank you again .

Gregory Aidan Google Reviews

I appreciate the time Paul took to thoroughly go over my car as the light was on. He was very polite and helpful. So many places just want you in and out and i wasn't just a number but was important to you. I will recommend you to others. Thank you.

John Freeman Google Reviews

We are so happy and grateful for the honest, hard work that valley transmission provided for us! Paul was very informative, friendly, and accommodating.

Norman Alexander Google Reviews

5 Stars!

Danet Rodriguez Google Reviews

Brought in my 2002 F150 FX4. The forward gears failed on the transmission and they did an awesome complete rebuild and conditioning on the transmission and had it back to me in 2 days from tow truck to my driveway. Very pleased! Thanks guys for your excellent service!!!

Lorrie Dickson Google Reviews

Valley is an amazing company with great employees whom are all honest, especially Paul. We will always recommend them to our friends and family.

Winston Patterson Google Reviews

I had the transmission rebuilt in my F-150 here and couldn't be happier with the product/customer service that Paul and the guys at Valley Transmission gave me. I had bought an extended warranty when I bought the truck and Paul handled EVERYTHING. I never had to talk to the insurance agency except to sign off on the work that was done. Paul kept me well informed and offered great advice throughout the project. I would definitely recommend Valley Transmission to anyone who needs transmission work done to their vehicle.

Mike Russell Google Reviews

A great all around experience. Transmission work can be tricky but Valley Transmission was completely open about all of the work and options available to me. When it was all done, I knew I made the right choice putting my Jaguar in their capable hands. She runs better than she ever has. Thank you Valley Transmission. Customer for life!

David M Google Reviews

I first met Greg, owner of Valley Transmission when I had just purchased a used Ford Station Wagon and then was suddenly laid off from work. I had some major surprises with that old car and needless to say I needed a company that would be of help. Funds for expensive car repairs were suddenly hard to come by.

I went to several places in town.. The usual Corporate Franchise highly advertised competitors and was told that I needed a completely new transmission, AND brakes, AND an engine overhaul, AND on and on. The job seemed overwhelming. But one day I was driving by Valley Transmission and decided to see what an independent shop would quote and if I would get the same story of an attempt to bury me and my bank account deeper and deeper into this seemingly money pit of a bad purchase.

Greg greeted me personally, which impressed me that I was talking to the guy in charge and not a commissioned employee bent on ringing up as big a bill as possible.

First he road tested the car assuring me that it was a FREE test. NONE of the other companies road tested the car! They just couldn’t wait to put it ‘on the rack’.

To my surprise Greg said, no problem, I think you need to replace your fluid and perhaps you may need an adjustment but it doesn’t look that bad.

I gave him the job and I’ve never been sorry. The car ran great and yes it needed some minor adjustments and new fluid.

After the car was finished Greg took me for another follow up road test and even gave me some driving tips to help me keep my transmission in good shape and not abuse it. I had a bad habit of backing up and putting the car in Drive before I had stopped it which put an extra strain and wear and tear on the transmission. I stopped doing that. It’s remarkable how I am now aware of others doing that and I pass his tip on to them and tell my Valley Transmission story as well.

I recommend Greg every chance I get. Greg deserves and earned my respect as an honest, customer oriented businessman and runs his shop with his personal hand in everything that comes in and goes out with his stamp of approval.

Good Luck Greg.. Keep up the good work. A friend, and customer for life.

Dave Long Google Reviews

5 Stars

Brent Paulson Google Reviews

Great auto mechanic shop experience I have ever been to in San Diego County. My particular repair was an expensive one, but I felt that it was a fair price, and their answers to my questions were thorough and made sense. I get the distinct impression that they stand behind the work they did for me. Will come back to Valley Transmission.

Jessica Rigby Google Reviews

Very knowledgeable place. I like how they kept me informed and answered all my questions. I would refer anyone here.

Pat Wiggin Google Reviews

Had my truck towed to their shop on a Tuesday and it was done by Friday. Professional and straightforward, and great work.

James Lathrop Google Reviews

Got a call from them just a couple hours after I dropped my car off. Told me what was wrong and what it would cost. When I came back to pick up the car they were right on. Definitely a great mechanic shop!

Nicole Walter Google Reviews

So glad I brought my car to them! On our way back from vacation the transmission was beginning to shift weird and by the time we got home it felt like it wasn't shifting to the higher gears. Drove carefully to their shop the next day and they checked it out. After a bit of work and a reasonable fee we had our car back good as new. So pleased! Would definitely give them business again!

Mona Brahmin Google Reviews

I thought the dealer was charging a lot so I looked around and found Valley Transmissions. Did the same job for a lot cheaper and it's running just fine!

Skyy Rosso Google Reviews

These are some of the nicest guys around who hooked my girlfriend and I up with some sweet military discounts! They are very knowledgeable about their work, have excellent customer service, and are very trustworthy, we wouldn’t trust any old place to leave and handle a family gem like our ’71 El Camino! Highly recommend them!

daniel sullen Google Reviews

Meister Tech recommended Valley Transmission. My truck was towed to shop on a Friday, complete refurb/radiator replacement on Nisan Pathfinder done by Wed/ Thurs. the next week. Professional, courteous, honest, and straight forward… the truck is back up and running with no issues. Thanks for the great work, highest recommendations.

Kevin Hillton Google Reviews

Awesome place! They fixed my problem and were very friendly and knowledgeable. They run their business the way it should be. I recommend taking your vehicle here if you have any problems with it.

Emma Wilkard Google Reviews

I needed work done on my car, and I looked around trying to find a good deal. I told valley my situation and they were willing to help me out at a great price. Everything was done in less than a few hours and now my car runs a whole lot smoother.

Derek Graham Google Reviews

No where else was able to take my car in as quickly as Valley did. They quoted me on a very reasonable price and fixed it the day I came in. Will use them regularly from now on. Even my Dad was shocked to how quickly everything got done.

Jonna Clements Google Reviews

Good communication, friendly staff, good service and ready when promised.

David Coren Google Reviews

Great staff at Valley Transmission! They have excellent customer service skills, was a true pleasure to work with.

Erin Hoover Google Reviews

I'm a car guy and this guy is the best around. Great service period!!

mt guarino Google Reviews

I was visiting my brother in the San Diego area from out of town when my car began to have problems and my brother thought it may be the transmission (he knows more about cars than I do). He took me over to Valley Transmission because he knew the guys who worked there and thought they would be able to help me. They treated us so kindly, almost like dealing with family. They did a stress test, and then had the car fixed, and transitioning better than ever by the next day.

Kali Overmy Google Reviews

They made short work of my repair. while I spent my time worried that it was going to cost a lot, they were diagnosing my problem and finding something relatively small causing the problem.

Steven Harvey Google Reviews

Great experience! Worth the drive. My car is running great now. Thanks!

David Silverman Google Reviews

Took the ice cream truck there today. We've had our other truck there and the service is always good and the prices are fair. Today was no exception! I called yesterday to make an appointment and Paul suggested I come in at 7:00 am. Not exactly a time the Ice cream man is usually out and about.

Anyway, took the truck in. Paul called about 10:30 to let me know the problem and the estimate. He was actually under the number I had in my head. (Woo-hoo! ) the truck was finished the same day and when I picked it up it was even less than the quote! Score #2! I am sure everything is as it should be, given my past experiences.

All in all if you need a trustworthy transmission shop I suggest Greg and Paul at Valley Transmissions.

Nanas H. Yelp Reviews

Paul and his crew are AMAZING. They knocked out an entire rebuild, over $3800, in a week and honored a change of ownership on their warranty. As stand up a place as you can find. Upbeat and informative. No doom and gloom like most garages you walk into. I'd HIGHLY recommend Valley to everyone. An old fashioned, no nonsense, get it done kind of place. Seriously message me if you want a real take on the guys at Valley.

Casey P. Yelp Reviews

Wow - What great service by Paul. He has been a great help when it comes to our vehicles. If they cannot do the work, Paul will make a recommendation. They are not cheap, but they pride themselves on the quality parts that they use so it is understandable. Thank you Paul for being awesome! Megan and Lee

Goode A. Yelp Reviews

First off nobody is happy having to bring a car or truck to a mechanic to have it fixed. It's costly,time consuming, and just inconvenient. That being said, Valley Transmission in El Cajon has been the BEST car service place I've been to. Mostly cause of thier customer service by Paul.

My clutch went out on me on my way to work at 6am. By the time the tow truck had dropped my Jeep off at Valley transmission I was not in the best mood. But Paul made me remember that there's way more to life then some car issues. I remembered how much worse it could of been. My kids and wife could of been in the car with me. I could have been stranded somewhere on the freeway.

The speed in which they diagnosed,ordered the clutch kit,and installed it perfectly was nothing short of amazing, considering the amount of cars there. It took only 2 days for everthing.

So if your in need of great car service and the Best costymer service then call Valley Transmission of el cajon. Thank you again Paul and staff.

Billy K. Yelp Reviews

Took my -07 Mercury Mariner Hybrid to another mechanic to have the PTU rebuilt and the transmission serviced. He had it for two months. Two. Months.

When I got it back, it was making a couple new, strange noises. After a couple days, it began shifting hard. I started to hear the old 'siren in the distance' noise coming back from when the PTU had been bad.

Not having the ability to be without my car for another two months and not having an iota of confidence that the first guy would actually be able to fix whatever was ailing it now, I got a referral to Valley Transmission and took the car in there. The difference between mechanics was like night and day. From the get-go, Paul was friendly, communicative, accomodating, and conscientious.

And, you know, they do free whatever-you-call-its (sorry, not a cars girl) assessments of your car. To determine the problem. I've paid through the nose for this at the dealer before. Paul stresses that when they check your car out, they do it thoroughly. And thorough it was.

They found that the previous guy had left me 3 1/2 quarts short of transmission fluid (?!?!), hence the hard shifting. All the seals on the PTU were bad, so it was leaking like before. They replaced those, stopping the leaking. A couple bolts were loose, causing the transfer case fluid to look grey. I had been worried it was the beginning of bearing disintegration again, or a sign that the supposedly new (to me) bearings inside the PTU were not, in fact new or good after all.

So, they pulled my whole PTU, took it apart, inspected it, took pictures of what they found, and shared them with me. It was an enormous relief to find that, beyond the seals, my PTU actually appeared good and that once the loose bolts were tightened, the fluid stopped appearing grey. They cleaned up the PTU for me (it was a salvage part and had been installed looking like a 'dirt ball,' as Paul put it), checked and rechecked, test drove, kept the car overnight to check everything again, and basically solved all my issues.

The one noise they couldn't get rid of, they evaluated and ruled out it being transmission-related, and then admitted that it was something beyond their area of specialty. I love that they didn't try to sell me on their ability to fix every single thing without, in fact, knowing what they were doing (as the previous guy had, which was why he ended up having to keep it so long).

All of this work and time spent and actual problem-solving (amazing!) was done expeditiously and for a really reasonable price. I didn't feel like I was getting shafted. Paul communicated with me throughout the process. I never felt like my car was on the back burner or being ignored, even though they're busy guys. I felt like Paul was really honest with me.

I would highly recommend these guys to anyone. And Paul out front is a champ.

Kimi H. Yelp Reviews

Paul and his team did a great job on my '02 Chevy Trailblazer this past week. After driving around for about 3 months with a metal on metal scraping sound, I brought my SUV into Valley. We thought it was the transfer case, or maybe wheel bearings in the front right-side. But after getting the truck up on a lift, they found that the front differential and the front axle were a mess. To top it off, Chevy does not make the differential anymore, so Paul had to hunt for one and found it in Milwaukee! Now the Trailblazer runs smoothly and they were able to keep it under budget (less than $1,500 for everything). Thank you Paul and Glenn (the owner) for taking the time to confirm the issue and fix it.

K. D. Yelp Reviews

Paul and his team are true old school professionals. They had my 68 Cadillac back on the road in no time. If you have transmission trouble on any year/make/model vehicle, look no further! Honest, and real customer service!

Gary S. Yelp Reviews

Wow, talk about GREAT customer service!!!! Paul is more concerned about his customers satisfaction than trying to price gouge you. Never been treated better and will definitely be recommending to everyone I know!!! Keep up the great service guys.

Amy R. Yelp Reviews

I took my 2002 dodge Dakota to valley transmission because my trucks engine light came on with a transmission code. After doing their diagnostic they found out it was not my transmission and was actually my computer..they refered me to a place to take it to and didn't charge me for the work they put into it. Very honest place and I would recommend them to family and friends.

George M. Yelp Reviews

I was referred to Valley Transmission by a family friend and a long time customer of these guys. My friend raced for a long time and now builds custom show vehicles so I trust and respect his opinion. I absolutely could not have been happier with my experience. Everyone I talked to were friendly and made a point explain what was going on with my truck. I ended up getting a free transmission pan (my drain plug was striped) and no labor cost on another part because they wanted to stick to the original quote. My truck runs perfect and the cost was very reasonable, They went above and beyond what I was expecting even with a solid recomendation. I will recomend this shop to my friends and family and I will definatley go to them 1st with any future repaires and maintenance needs. Thanks to everyone especially Paul for taking such good care of my vehicle.

J. B. Yelp Reviews

Here I am on my way for a big road trip in my RV. Day one the U joints start to fail and there a big racket coming from some where in the drive train. So I pull over and start making calls. It's my lucky day I contact Greg owner of Valley Transmission. He kindly gives me closet directions to limp to his shop and then he gets his mechanic to start diagnosis. Their goal is to get me out of there as fast as possible.

I hear then working furiously on changing bearing then they discover one of the bearing is seized in a retainer housing. It's a special order part that could take two days to get, yet with their Biz contacts they get a used part within a hour. Back to work they go and jobs done. Greg and his team kept me in the loop each step of the way. The job was done right and at a fair price. I totally recommend them for transmission work!!!

Laz S. Yelp Reviews

I took my car here to get the transmission fixed and they called ford and found that the problem was under warranty. So I got it fixed by ford for free. Their level of integrity insurance uncommon.

Rob N. Yelp Reviews

What a great place this is! I went in for some advice...... on how to fix a leak in my Street Rods transmission and I left with a free gasket and some special washers to seal the bolt holes.

The fix worked great.

Albert A. Yelp Reviews

Meister Tech recommended Valley Transmission; Truck was towed to shop on a Friday, complete refurb / radiator replacement on Nissan Pathfinder done by Wed / Thurs. the next week. Professional, courteous, honest, and straighforward...truck back up and running with no issues. Thanks for the great work, highest recommendations.

Larry M. Yelp Reviews

This place was awesome. I took my truck in and they fixed my problem. I was very happy and they were very friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend taking your vehicle here if you have problem. This is the way a business should be run. They didn't take advantage of me because I was a woman.

Nikki P. Yelp Reviews

WHERE to GO to get your classic car movin agin! These guys KNOW their stuff! HIGHEST recomendation --

San Diego H. Yelp Reviews

I needed a transmission service and i got what I was looking for. They were pleasant enough and charged much less than the dealer for a tranny flush ~$146 incl. tax. had it done in a few hours.

Orson B. Yelp Reviews

These are some of the nicest guys around who hooked my boyfriend and I up with some sweet military discounts!

They are very knowledgeable about their work, have excellent customer service, and are very trustworthy; we wouldn't trust any old place to leave and handle a family gem like our '71 El Camino!

Highly recommend them!

Amy S. Yelp Reviews

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