Started working as a professional auto mechanic in 1961. Having a passion for cars, Greg decided early on that doing the job right the first time was much easier than having to do it over. This work ethic has stayed with Greg throughout his career and has proven to be the benchmark for every task.

The challenge of working on transmissions in general was even more intriguing as automatic transmission became more popular. Their complexities and level of expertise demanded a much higher skilled technician and required a more detail oriented diagnostics and repair procedure.

Greg decided that focusing on a specialty was his forte, and transmissions have been his focus ever since.

In 1977, Greg decided to strike out on his own and opened his first transmission shop called “Valley Transmission” at the corner of Washington and Mollison, in El Cajon.

The quality workmanship that Greg demanded from his crew soon earned the reputation of being the place to go to guarantee your car would be repaired quickly, and because “They do it right the first time”.

The demand for their services expanded. Greg opened his second shop on 2nd. Street in El Cajon which became the main office.

In 1980, Greg was approached by Cuyamaca College looking for someone to teach a class in Drive Train Diagnostics & Repair. Greg decided that he would accept the position since he enjoyed passing on his skills an knowledge. He taught at the College for 17 years and is still on the Cuyamaca College advisory board.

Valley Transmission has maintained it’s popularity through it’s reputation and both shops are a thriving business for Greg.

Greg is there everyday, overseeing each job and personally performs road tests, and an owner’s hands-on approach to keeping Valley Transmission the best it can be.

Well, almost every day… A private pilot since 1991, you might catch Greg enjoying his other passion, flying his private airplane.. A Mooney M20C with his wife Alice to some fun places.

Posted by admin on March 18, 2016